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I help organizations formulate and execute digital strategies with measurable success. I specialize in social media, website/search optimization, and video. Learn more about my services below, and please reach out for more information about pricing and availability.

How to write more interesting social media posts


Social is a much more powerful tool than many accredit to it. Sure, you can blast information about your company, product or service – and watch your engagement fizzle. But I have a much better way forward. I use an audience-first approach and employ diversified content, analytics-driven posting patterns, and targeted audience curation to achieve some truly amazing results. In the end, you’ll have a comprehensive strategy that engages your audience, builds the right following, nurtures that following and invites the kind of engagement that leads to website conversions and high-quality leads.

Win Highlights:
– Follower growth of 10,000+ across social platforms for consulting firm
– Influencer strategy on Twitter for same firm fueled following increases from industry experts
– $50k brought in via donations through Facebook live campaign for Dallas ministry
– 20% engagement increase across all social media channels for oil and gas firm in Fort Worth

Five Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking


By the time a client calls me, “SEO” and “SEM” are often terms that have left a bad taste in their mouth. They hired an “expert” who charged them a bazillion dollars to run a million ads that ultimately led to little or no ROI. I’ve never left a client feeling that way – and never will. I’ve been in marketing long before SEO was a thing – and while I certainly need to use effective tools like MOZ, SEMrush, Screaming Frog and the like, the principles for success are the same as they ever were. Well-positioned, well-crafted, thoughtfully executed and diversified content wins. I’ll show you how to create it, employ it, and get awesome results from it.

Win Highlights:
– SEM campaign for client in outsourcing industry cost $600 for the year and delivered more than 2,000 high-quality conversions
– SEO and site redesign for Dallas non-profit brought in a revenue increase of $2,000 via search with no ad spend
– SEO for Dallas client took them from #4 among competitors in domain authority to #1 in six months

Hot be known on social media


Video is important. People click it more often than anything among search results. Many organizations don’t employ it as much because they’ve been told that they need to spend $10k plus on video shoots to get any results. This is flat out wrong. The phone in your pocket is more powerful than 8/10 cameras just a few years ago. With a little help from good mics, good lighting, and experience with the best video editing platforms, you can churn out great video content that gets clicks, shares, and visits to your site that lead to further engagement and conversions. I do still use a high-quality DSLR at times for full disclosure.

Win Highlights:
– One video for Dallas parachurch org helped bring in more than $30k on Giving Tuesday 2019.
– Webinar video strategy for Dallas client increased marketing qualified contacts by more than 15%
– Video strategy for Dallas-based digital transformation firm directly led to speaking opportunities for executives and visible experts in firm

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