Hey, I’m Brock.

I have two Cockatiels, and each of them knows about 1/4 of the Andy Griffith theme song – and they whistle it at odd hours.

I also do this digital marketing thing (15 years strong). I run social media accounts for people and businesses, optimize SEO, strengthen keyword strategies, add umph to PPC campaigns, and analyze & interpret meaningful data points from multiple analytics platforms. Big fan of tools like MOZ, AdWordsHootSuite, DrumUp, Buffer and too many more to mention here.

You’ll find me listening to either action movie soundtracks or trance the majority of the day while I grind (is that word still used?). I also sometimes use words that aren’t still in use.

Nice to meet you. Feel free to contact me with any questions / comments / needs in the digital marketing realm. Don’t contact me about teaching Cockatiels to sing full versions of songs – still a WIP for me.